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Easy Ways to Incorporate Feng Shui Into the Bedroom

by Rania Bahdouchi, Lic. Real Estate Broker 02/27/2022

Feng Shui holds the concept of moving and arranging stationary pieces of furniture, art or other home elements to achieve a more peaceful and harmonic living space. Unfortunately, a vast population of folks find it difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few easy tips to get you started on your perfect Feng Shui bedroom design.

Bed: Feet to the Door

When creating the perfect harmony in the bedroom, there’s one thing that most design traditions agree on: the bed is the commanding point of the room. If you’re looking to bring some elements of Feng Shui to your bedroom, try using simple yet sturdy headboards. It’s also advised to have the foot of your bed facing the door but just out of line with it.

Another element is having your bed away from ground-to-ceiling windows. Having the bed close to a window is fine as long as there’s a full wall accompanying it. If you’d prefer your bed under the window, just make sure you can close the blinds or curtains and that it doesn’t go all the way down to the floor.

Another quick design remark is to keep mirrors out of the room as this can disrupt energy flow, according to the Feng Shui tradition. If you want to have a mirror in your room, be sure to at least keep it out of direct view of the bed.

Devices: Better Left Out

Many experts have pleaded for people to leave devices out of their bedroom to improve their quality of sleep. However, Feng Shui doesn’t plead, but lists this as a rule. Each device has their own energy output and frequency. While they’re giving off their own vibrations, our brains are also oscillating through currents. Feng Shui requires the only active frequencies to be organic.

By removing any artificial frequencies (cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.), it’s believed that your current and energy have time to rest and reset for the following day.

Accent Furniture: Go With the Flow 

Accent pieces such as side tables should follow the natural flow of the room’s energy. For example, we read from left to right. It’s a natural polarity. Feng Shui regards accent pieces as energy enhancing (or inhibiting) elements. So in an ideal bedroom setup, you would have two bedside tables but the table on the left should be just a little higher than the one on the right to enhance natural flow.

These are a few of the crucial design principles for adhering to the Feng Shui tradition. Other facets may include neutral color choices and placing accents in accordance with the Pa Kua.

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